Colum McGrath

    Well he’s got FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES and he presents the Colum McGrath Breakfast on Clare FM each weekday from 6 to 9am. IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES you’ll find him down by THE RIVER, where THE THUNDER ROLLS, doing THE DANCE or CALLIN’ BATON ROUGE.

    He’s MUCH TOO YOUNG to stay up late so that’s why early morning’s suit him! When asked about the Clare hurlers winning Liam in 2013, Colum says he remembers THAT SUMMER very well and Clare hurling fans don’t go long without UNANSWERED PRAYERS.

    He’s a SHAMELESS kinda guy and WILD HORSES won’t keep him from making you smile each morning in the banner county! In a way, you could say HE AIN’T GOIN’ DOWN TIL THE SUN COMES UP!!


    Colum McGrath – A Garth Brooks Fan