Brian Mcloughlin

Brian McLoughlin presents The Big Weekend every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm.

Let’s get to know Brian.

  • On-air at Clare FM since? SINCE JULY 2000
  • What is your favourite Feel Good Song/Tune? THE EAGLES – TAKE IT EASY.  THE FIRST TRACK I PLAYED ON CLARE FM
  • Do you have any hidden talents? FLEW A PLANE A FEW TIMES
  • What is your favourite part of County Clare? LOVE EVERY PART OF CLARE!  I NEED TO KEEP WELL IN WITH ALL MY LISTENERS!!!
  • Who would be your fantasy superstar interview? I WOULD LOVE TO INTERVIEW THE FILM COMPOSER JOHN WILLIAMS
  • Have you ever told a lie and what was it? HOW COULD THIS FACE LIE!!!  C’MON!!