Mark Lavan

Mark came in to this world like a hurricane, hoping to stay forever young.

Wise ahead of his years, telling all that would listen to him that the times they are a changin.

In his youth Mark would cycle the roads of Mayo with his hair Blowin’ In The Wind. He worked for a short time on Maggie’s Farm, but after a simple twist of faith it was no more.


Known at one time as Mr Tamborine Man, he quickly picked up the guitar and hoped girls would start screaming “I’ll be your baby tonight“!!

Mark married a girl from the north country (north tipp that is), and was told very quickly that “you ain’t going nowhere

Yes, things have changed a lot over the years.

These days you’re likely to find mark trying to get some shelter from the storm when out and about across the county.

Mark Lavan – A Bob Dylan Fan