Ours To Protect [Week 15]

Welcome to another episode of Ours To Protect, as we take a closer look at biodiversity and sustainability in Co Clare.

This week, Pat Flynn meets Clare County Council’s recently appointed Biodiversity Officer Barry O’Loughlin.

Barry worked for many years as an ecologist including with Bórd na Móna where he was involved in wetting industrial peatland sites in the midlands.


He has long been associated with conservation work including the Shanakyle bog restoration project, which was the first in Clare involving the rewetting of a raised bog.

All of Barry’s experience will be invaluable in his post as Clare County Council’s Biodiversity Officer.


* Introduce Biodiversity-friendly mowing. Set aside a time period, of maybe a month, for ‘no-mow’ where you don’t mow an area.

* Cut your meadow less often. Maybe at six or eight week intervals.

* Allow plants to grow longer. Leave and area uncut/untouched to allow pollinators to thrive.

* Engage with your local authority biodiversity officer and see, not only what they can do for you in terms of advice, but also what funding might be available to assist you with your project.


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