Ours To Protect – Tips [Week 2]

Ours to Protect – Weekly Tips

On this week’s episode, Pat Flynn visited Lough Grainey valley in East Clare an area of immense beauty and ecological value.

Here, a highly skilled team of directors, committed to protecting biodiversity, rewilding and nature education are working to develop the area as a nature sanctuary.


Dr Marina Levitina is Co-founder of the Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary.

  • Bio diversity is nature, think simply and YOU can make a big difference.
  • Everyone can do their little bit for biodiversity no matter where they live whether it be in a town our in the County and Country.
  • People can leave a small area of their own garden or land uncut to allow nature thrive.
  • We are facing a major biodiversity crisis and Ireland is part of that.


Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary.