Two Flights Divert To Shannon Airport

Photo © Pat Flynn

A transatlantic flight has diverted to Shannon Airport following reports of a pregnant woman experiencing contractions.

British Airways flight BA-292 was travelling from Washington in the US to Heathrow airport in London at the time.


The Boeing 787-900 jet was about 50kms south of Ireland when the crew advised air traffic controllers they had a ‘medical situation’ on board and might need to divert to Shannon.

A short time later, after the crew had assessed the situation, the pilot declared a ‘Pan’ medical emergency and requested clearance to turn around and divert to Shannon.

The crew confirmed they had a pregnant woman on board who appeared to be having contractions.

The flight landed safely just after ten o’clock, and the woman was taken by ambulance to University Hospital Limerick for treatment.

Meanwhile, a flight forced to abort its landing at Dublin Airport because of the windy conditions there, also diverted to Shannon this morning.

Wow Air flight WW-6, from Reykjavik in Iceland to Dublin, performed a go-around after experiencing windshear. The crew had hoped to attempt a second landing but decided to divert to Shannon instead.

The flight landed at Shannon at twenty past ten, where it was refuelled in preparation for its return to Dublin when conditions there improve.