Transport Dept Tells US Officials Pre-Clearance At Shannon Must Stay

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Department of Transport has told US officials that pre-clearance facilities at Shannon and Dublin airports should remain in place.

In what’s described as a “productive” meeting, concerns over the implementation of Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban have been discussed between Irish and US officials, as well as the US position going forward.



Questions were raised earlier this month over the legality of implementing Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban at pre-clearance facilities at Shannon and Dublin Airports.

Now, representatives from both airports, officials from the Departments of Transport and Foreign Affairs, and the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, have met with US officials to discuss the issue.

They spoke about the US position on implementing the executive order, before it was paused, and legal challenges, while it was also advised that consideration is being given to another Executive Order in the coming days.

Irish officials highlighted the Government’s disagreement with the immigration policies.

But in the context of a review, which is nearing completion, the Department of Transport has expressed the view that US pre-clearance arrangements in Shannon and Dublin Airports should remain in place.