Terminally Ill Clare Man Expresses Concern Over Advice For Elderly And Vulnerable To Limit Movements

Photo (c) Sianstock via Canva.com

A prominent Clare campaigner insists there needs to be greater awareness of the impact the pandemic is having on the vulnerable and elderly in society.

Quin man John Wall, who has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer is reacting to comments from the Chief Medical Officer this week who’s advised that cohort to limit their interactions.


People over the age of 60 and the vulnerable have again been told to limit their movements, with the Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan describing the worsening Covid 19 situation as “worrying and concerning”.

Announcing that the booster programme is being extended, Dr Tony Holohan said there’s evidence of waning immunity in older people, adding that people aren’t being asked to stay at home “necessarily”, but “to cut down their interactions”.

A terminally ill cancer patient from Clare has expressed disappointment over the comments saying he’s overcome by “fear of the known” this winter.

Quin man John Wall says he’s struggling with the idea that for him and people in the same position as him, none of the new guidlines for socilaising will apply, as he simply won’t be able to go to public places.

But the Chair of the Clare Older People’s Council is urging people to remain positive.

Patricia Anne Moore says everyone has learned a lot from the last two years and now have the tools to take part in normal activities.

She says while it’s important to be reminded of the need to be careful, she insists that everyone can now make choices about their daily activites that they couldn’t at various stages throughout the pandemic.