State Agency Arranges 232KM Taxi Ride For Man Accused Of Assaulting Duty Manager At Clare Direct Provision Centre

Photo (c) by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA from Pexels vis Canva

A State agency has arranged a 232 km taxi ride from Co Clare to Co Wicklow for a 29 year old Algerian man accused of spitting a mix of saliva and blood at a Garda and causing criminal damage to a direct provision centre, a court has heard.

At Ennis District Court on Friday, Imad Kacimi also appeared in connection with causing criminal damage when smearing his blood on the interior of a wall at Ennis Garda Station and assaulting the Duty Manager of the Clare Lodge direct provision centre in Ennis.

In court, Gardai objected to bail for the International Protection (IP) applicant and Garda Amy O’Connor said that Mr Kacimi is no longer welcome at the Clare Lodge, which serves as a direct provision centre for IP applicants on Ennis’s Carmody Street.


Garda O’Connor said that alternative accommodation has been organised by the International Protection Accommodation Services (IPAS) for Mr Kacimi to travel to Kilbride Army Camp in Co Wicklow and has also “organised a taxi to bring him to his new residence”.

However, Garda O’Connor told the court that Mr Kacimi doesn’t want to go to the Kilbride Army Camp.

Garda O’Connor told the court that Gardai are concerned that Mr Kacimi “has serious anger issues and will return to the Clare Lodge”.

In total, Mr Kacimi is facing four charges, two of criminal damage and two of assault.

Mr Kacimi is accused of assaulting Garda Jamie Heuston at Ennis Garda Station on Friday, December 1st and the Duty Manager of Clare Lodge, Philip Nuno on November 30th.

In court, Garda O’Connor detailed the background to the charges against Mr Kacimi during the bad hearing.

Garda O’Connor stated that it will be alleged that Mr Kacimi caused criminal damage to a cell at Ennis Garda Station on November 30th when smearing his blood on the cell walls.

Garda O’Connor stated that it will further alleged that while in custody and being brought for a cigarette, Mr Kacimi spat saliva mixed with blood into the face of member in charge, Garda Jamie Heuston and also kicked out at Garda Heuston on Friday, December 1st.

Solicitor for Mr Kacimi, John Casey said that Mr Kacimi stayed at the Kilbride Army Camp after his arrival into Ireland and is concerned about making sure that he attends medical appointments in the local area in Clare concerning a planned surgery for an eye.

Mr Casey said that his client “is very raw at the moment”. The court was told that there may be further charges against Mr Kacimi.

Judge Alec Gabbett was told that Mr Kacimi is Algerian when he asked his country of origin and has been here for 10 months.

Garda Amy O’Connor said: “Clare Lodge say that IPAS will have no problem bringing Mr Kacimi to medical appointments wherever they may be.”

Judge Gabbett remanded Mr Kacimi in custody to Limerick Prison to re-appear before Ennis District Court next Wednesday where Mr Kacimi can renew his bail application pending clarifying of issues around medical appointments.

Before being led away in handcuffs by six Gardai, Mr Kacimi told Judge Gabbett “I don’t do anything.”

Judge Gabbett said: “There are serious allegations against you. I don’t want you to talk in case you might say something that would prejudice the case.”