Slight Fall In Homeless In Clare

There’s been a slight fall in the number of homeless people in Clare.

The latest figures from the Department of Housing show 29 people were without a home in the county in the last week of January.



Homeless figures across the country have hit a record high, but here in Clare, there’s been a marginal fall in the number of adults without a home, from 31 in the week before Christmas to 29 at the end of January.

Altogether there were 281 people living in emergency accommodation in hotels, B&B’s, hostels and other residential facilities in Clare and Limerick during that period.

The figure includes 27 families, 34 adults and 53 children.

However, despite the slight improvement, the figure remains considerably higher than January last year.

There were 221 homeless people in the Mid-West in January 2016, 13 of those in Clare.