Shannon Group Freshens Up Brand With Name Change

Pic © Shannon Airport Group

Shannon Group has announced a rebranding and a name change.

The group will now be known as the ‘Shannon Airport Group’, with Shannon Airport’s branding remaining unchanged.

The Group’s CEO Mary Considine is welcoming the move, saying the new brand will ‘energise’ their journey as they begin to look at new opportunities in the aviation and property sectors.


“We are excited to unveil our brand refresh. Shannon Airport and our property activities are the life blood of our region, and we are proud of the role we play in supporting the business, aviation and tourism sectors that are so vital to the regional and national economy.

“To complement our new name, we have designed a new interpretation of our logo. The Shannon Airport Group brand refresh will energise our journey as we embark on our next chapter in shaping opportunities in aviation and property, and supporting our region as a thriving, connected place to live, work, learn and spend leisure time.” said Ms Considine.

It’s understood the rollout of the new branding will be seen across the Group’s signage and social media channels in the coming weeks.