Shannon Group CEO Says Conversations Ongoing About Attracting New Airlines And Routes To Midwest

Image (c) Pat Flynn

The CEO of Shannon Group says conversations remain ongoing about attracting further airlines and routes to Shannon Airport.

It comes as both Aer Lingus and United Airlines have revealed they intend to resume pre-pandemic operations in the Midwest next year.


Aer Lingus is to resume its transatlantic and Heathrow services at Shannon Airport from March 2022.

The sales portal has already opened for flights from Shannon to Boston starting on March 10th and New York seventeen days later.

United meanwhile will begin flying to Newark from the Midwest again from the 27th of March.

The service has brought over 2 million passengers to Shannon in the past 22 years.

The CEO of Shannon Group though says work remains ongoing to add more routes and expand the number of airlines carrying passengers to and from the Midwest.

Air Canada had mantainted a Shannon and Toronto service from 2018, with the route being stood down the following the global grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

Mary Considine though says she’s hopeful of that route returning within three years.

The Chair of the Clare Tourism Advisory Forum insists the routes will need to be supported to ensure they remain back in the Midwest on a permanent basis.

Sean Lally says the industry is already experiencing a bounce back from American tourists booking to come to the region in particular.

The Hotel Woodstock owner believes while more Ryanair routes next summer from Shannon may be a possibility, the existing planes flying from here need to be kept full for that to happen.