Shannon GP Disappointed With Logistical Issues In COVID Vaccine Rollout

A Shannon GP has hit out over delivery issues which resulted in up to ten people being unable to receive the COVID vaccines at her clinic last week.

Supplies of the Pfizer vaccine were delivered to Shannon Medical Centre on Friday, but specialised syringes needed to administer it didn’t arrive and staff had to travel to local pharmacies and hospitals to get the necessary equipment.

All those due to be vaccinated on the day received the jab, but people on the reserve list, who would have benefitted from leftover doses, now have to wait until next week.


Shannon GP Dr. Yvonne Williams says logistical problems shouldn’t be happening at this stage.

Responding to a Clare FM query on this issue, the HSE said “HSE Procurement are aware of supply chains challenges associated with low dead space syringes. HSE is satisfied that we have secured the required volumes to meet the demands of the vaccination programme with all orders currently being received operating in accordance with the order schedules. We continue to place a significant focus on managing these supply lines.”