Resumption Of Surgeries And Appointments At Midwest Hospitals

The UL Hospitals Group has confirmed its gradually increasing surgeries and appointments at the region’s hospitals this week.

Elective appointments were deferred in January, when COVID numbers began to surge.


The majority of scheduled surgery and outpatient appointments across the Group’s five midwest hospitals have been deferred since January 4th as a result of the significant surge in Covid numbers.

But now, falling case numbers means some services can be restored.

This will happen gradually, prioritising the most urgent patients, as the UL Hospitals Group has warned that the health system remains in a recovery phase.

This week, Endoscopy services in UHL, Nenagh, Ennis and St John’s; Day Theatres/Surgical Day Ward in Nenagh and Ennis; additional theatre lists in St John’s and Croom Hospitals, and additional paediatric outpatient appointments have resumed.

Officials say plans to restore additional capacity for theatre, diagnostic investigations and outpatient appointments will be announced in due course.