” We’re Being Punished For Greed During The Celtic Tiger Years” Says Shannon Resident

A resident of a Shannon apartment complex where serious fire safety defects have been identified claims they’re being punished for greed during the Celtic Tiger years.

It comes as a report from a working group which is due to be published shortly is expected to reveal that up to 100,000 apartments or duplexes across the country are affected by fire safety, water ingress and other defects.

It’s estimated that the total repair costs could reach up to 2.8 billion euro, and affected residents are calling for state supports similar to those provided to homeowners affected by Pyrite or MICA.


Bru na Sionna resident Lorraine Carew, who’s aged in her seventies, is facing an almost 30,000 euro bill and she’s hoping the Government will step up to the plate and support those affected.