“No Appetite” Among Grassroots Fianna Fáil Members For Fine Gael Coalition


The PRO of Fianna Fáil’s Clare branch doesn’t believe there’s an appetite among grassroots members of the party to sign up to a coalition with Fine Gael.

Should Micheál Martin formerly wish to seek such an agreement, it would have to be voted on by the members on the ground.

But speaking on Clare FM’s Morning Focus, Michael McTeigue says he isn’t convinced that his fellow members are interested in joining forces with their rivals.


Meanwhile, a Shannon Sinn Féin representative is calling for a level of maturity from the three main parties in terms of government formation talks.

As work gets underway once again in Leinster House, Gary Fitzgibbon, who is the Vice Chair of Shannon Sinn Féin, says each party is going to have to make compromises.