Doubling Up On Customs With North Post-Brexit “Completely Unworkable”

A prominent Bunratty-based haulier insists placing customs centres on both sides of the Irish border would be “completely unworkable”.

The suggestion was contained in proposals from the British government to the EU Commission, as part of ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Boris Johnson, however, has dismissed the reports.


It’s now just 30 days out from Britain’s expected exit from the European Union and efforts to reach a deal are intensifying.

But this leak from a proposal submitted by the British Government to the EU has sent ripples of concern around the island of Ireland.

It would see customs posts five to 10 miles either side of the border with Northern Ireland, with goods checked and cleared at the first then tracked by GPS until arriving at the second.

However, Boris Johnson has distanced his government from the reports, while still not saying what exactly is planned.

Despite the British Prime Minister dismissing the claims, there’s been widespread political concern here, given the impact on cross-border trade.

Bunratty haulier Eoin Gavin, whose company crosses into Northern Ireland several times each week, is deeply concerned.

The past President of the Road Haulage Association feels what is emerging would effectively shut down trade here.