Cautious Optimism In Clare That Brexit Deal Will Pass

The DUP is standing firm and says it won’t be supporting Boris Johnson’s new Brexit plan.

Without their support the British Prime Minister faces a fight when MPs vote, in an historic sitting of parliament tomorrow.

There optimism here that the vote will pass.


Boris Johnson departed Brussels for London earlier today, where he now faces a manic 24 hours.

He’ll try to win support for the revised Brexit withdrawal agreement and will need 320 votes in parliament for the deal to pass.

It could be extremely tight – some commentators in the UK believe he’s only 3 or 4 votes away from actually getting that, even without the DUP.

Their Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson says they’re standing firm against it.

Key in this vote are Labour MPs representing constituencies where their voters backed Brexit.

If they now vote against this deal, many will fear that the voters won’t forgive them.

That includes areas such as Hull, which voted 2-1 to Leave.

Cree man John Considine is a former member of Hull City Council says while the numbers don’t add up, he thinks Boris Johnson might have a better chance of getting this deal across the line than Teresa May did.

The Irish government will watch on tomorrow, hoping this deal passes, thus removing the possibility of No Deal.

Clare Fine Gael TD, Joe Carey is cautiously optimistic.

And should the deal pass tomorrow, there may be impact here with pressure set to be ratcheted up on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to call a swift general election.

If it falls, then another EU Leaders Summit could be called for the week ahead, with Britain to seek an extension, and the Brexit saga poised to rumble on.