Plans for Pedestrian Access for Quin Road Bridge

A new bridge is to be constructed over the Ennis-Galway railway line on the Quin Road in Ennis.
It’s understood Clare County Council is presently in discussions with CIE regarding the proposed development.

The narrow Quin Road Bridge, which has been upgraded in recent years, is heavily used by pedestrians travelling to and from Ennis town and the nearby Railway Station and safety has been an ongoing worry for locals.
Clare County Council’s Senior Engineer has said the local authority presently has proposals to provide a pedestrian bridge across the railway immediately to the south of the existing vehicular bridge on the Quin Road and discussions between the Council and CIE are currently ongoing.


Local Junior Minister Tony Killeen says he’s received confirmation of the proposed pedestrian bridge on the Quin Road following a written submission regarding the need to implement improved safety measures for pedestrians

The Council is hopeful it can secure the required level of funding this year if the various CIE related issues are resolved quickly.