Norton Disputes Vacant Housing Figures

The Mayor of Ennis insists that new figures detailing the number of vacant houses in Clare don’t paint an accurate picture of the housing situation here.

The Department of Local Government has surveyed 15 sites in the county and have found that there are 78 complete and vacant homes in unfinished housing developments.

But Councillor Ann Norton, who is a member of the local authority’s committee with responsibility for Housing has been telling Clare FM’s Conor Quaid that not all 78 houses are ready for occupation.


In a statement to Clare FM, Clare County Council says its “working with the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government; The Housing Agency, NAMA, NARPS and Approved Housing Bodies to bring as many units into use for the purpose of much needed social housing”.

The local authority says “additional housing supply will be yielded from this collaborative effort over the coming months”.