North Clare Climate Activist ‘Banging Head Against Wall’ As Emission Targets Set To Be Missed

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A North Clare climate activist says it’s like ‘banging your head against a wall’ witnessing consistent government inaction on carbon emission targets.

A new report from Wind Energy Ireland shows that Ireland is at risk of not meeting a 51% cut in carbon emissions by 2030.

The government has been warned in a new report that a cut in our carbon emissions will not be achieved unless there is a complete transformation of the planning system.



A new report published by Wind Energy Ireland points out that some progress has been made but it also states that existing strategies, plans and targets need to be stepped up.

This latest report echos the warnings of last month’s Environmental Protection Agency findings.

The EPA highlighted that even if every planned climate policy and measure in the Climate Action Plan were fully implemented on time, Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions would only fall by 28% by 2030 – a little over half what is legally required.

Member of the Clare Environmental Network and Lisdoonvarna resident Theresa O’Donohoe says our politicians need to be held to account.

A Kilnamona-based air quality expert says it’s hard to be hopeful for a shift away from fossil fuels due to the rising cost of living.

Alan Bell is the creator of the Ireland Air Quality Alerts Twitter page and regularly updates the public in relation to particulate pollution.

Alan fears our carbon emissions will rise as people are forced to rely on cheaper fossil fuels such as smoky coal or turf to try and combat the financial pressure caused by the level of inflation.

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