No Funding Granted For Two Road Improvement Schemes In Clare So Far This Year

No Clare application for two separate road improvement schemes has received funding so far this year.

Clare County Council has revealed details of a “backlog” within the schemes, resulting in almost 180 outstanding applications across the two schemes.


The Local Improvement Scheme and the Community Involvement Scheme are initiatives facilitated by Clare County Council, which members of the public can submit applications to, if they believe works need to be carried out on roads in their locality.

At a meeting of local representatives however, Clare County Council has admitted a major backlog exists for both schemes as they are oversubscribed, and as a result, are closed to new applications.

The Local Improvement Scheme, or LIS, is for works on non-public roads which provide access to parcels of land or access for harvesting purposes.

Figures released to Clare FM show 146 LIS applications, all of which were submitted before the start of this year, are awaiting funding as the 2024 government funding allocation for the scheme is yet to be published.

The Community Involvement Scheme, also know as CIS, encourages a joint approach between local residents and landowners for the restoration of public roads which aren’t especially busy.

Under this scheme, 30 applications predating the start of this year are awaiting funding but Clare County Council has confirmed a government allocation of €594,000 has been provided for this scheme which will enable works on seven public roads for which funding was applied for.

Since 2018, LIS applications have resulted in works on 121 non-public roads in Clare while CIS applications have seen works take place on 84 public roads across the county.


Statement from Clare County Council

“The Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) facilitates works being carried out to non-public roads, which provide access to parcels of land, or provide access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons.

“The scheme also facilitates works to roads leading to important community amenities such as graveyards, beaches and piers. It is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD).

“Clare County Council was allocated total grant funding of €1,367,910 for Local Improvement Schemes by the DRCD in 2023, which allowed for works on 22 roads. Since 2018, grant funding has facilitated the completion of LIS works to 121 non-public roads in Clare.

The Community Involvement Scheme (CIS) encourages a joint approach with groups of local residents and landowners for the restoration of public roads that are lightly trafficked, single lane or cul de sac roads.

“The scheme is funded by the Department of Transport (DOT). Works on 11 public roads were completed in 2023, and since 2018, grant funding has facilitated the completion of CIS works on 84 public roads throughout the county.

“As both schemes are oversubscribed, they are currently closed to new applications. This position will be reviewed next year.”