Mixed Reaction Among Clare Business Reps To Rise In Minimum Wage

Photo (c) Adam88xx via Canva.com

There’s been a mixed reaction among business representatives in Clare to the increase in the minimum wage.

The base rate of pay will rise by 80c to 11 euro 30 from January 2023.

The Cabinet yesterday signed off on the move to increase the minimum wage by over 7% in an attempt to counteract the rising cost of living.



However, fears have been expressed in some quarters that the move will backfire.

Clare’s ISME representative is concerned that it will place further pressure on small businesses and could lead to layoffs or even closures.

Member of ISME’s National Council and owner of St. Tola’s Goat Cheese Farm in Ennistymon, Siobhan Ni Ghairbith, believes the wage subsidy scheme will have to be reintroduced to enable employers to pay the higher minimum wage.

The Clare Chair of the Vintner’s Federation of Ireland doesn’t believe the rise in the minimum wage will be a ‘make or break’ situation.

Ennis publican Charlie O’Meara, agrees that workers deserve a rise in wages.

Charlie says that it will be energy costs and not an increase in the minimum pay that will lead to job losses or business closures.

The Chair of the Clare Tourism Advisory Forum is also dismissing concerns about the impact of this latest wage rise.

Ennis hotelier Seán Lally, insists the majority of the hospitality sector already pay above minimum wage.

Co-owner of Hotel Woodstock, Seán, says this increase would have had a far greater impact a number of years ago.

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