McKee: Concerns Remain Over Shannon Pre-Clearance

Photo © Pat Flynn

Clare’s Sinn Féin representative insists that concerns remain over the operation pre-clearance facilities at Shannon Airport.

It’s after Irish authorities told the US that the service should remain in spite of concerns raised in the wake of President Trump’s recent travel ban.

In what’s described as a “productive” meeting, US and Irish Officials outlined their concerns over the implementation of immigration controls at pre-clearance facilities here.


Representatives from US Custom and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration and the US Embassy in Ireland spoke about their position on implementing Trump’s executive order, before it was paused, and legal challenges.

While, Irish officials highlighted the Government’s disagreement with the immigration policies.

But in the context of a review, which is nearing completion, the Department of Transport has expressed the view that US preclearance arrangements in Shannon and Dublin Airports should remain in place.

Clare’s Sinn Féin representative says that pre-clearance facilities at Shannon and Dublin Airports have been very valuable to the state, but he insists the service can’t be kept at any cost.

Another Executive Order on the issue is expected in the coming days and Shannon Councillor Mike McKee says that does raise some concerns:

The Managing Director of Shannon Airport says they fully support the retention of the valuable pre-clearance service, which was used by 204,000 people last year.

However, Andrew Murphy says it’s ultimately a Government issue