May Faces Likely No Confidence Motion

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s waiting to see whether enough Tory backbenchers are prepared to challenge her leadership over Brexit.

There are reports a no-confidence vote, which would require at least 48 Conservative MPs to trigger, is now likely.

Here at home, hope has been expressed that Theresa May will survive the revolt against her.


Despite losing a number of high-profile ministers yesterday, it looks like the British Prime Minister has avoided more resignations from her top team, for now.

Letters from 48 Conservative MPs will be needed to spark a leadership contest, and its reported that close to that number have said they want Theresa May to go.

It was thought Senior Cabinet Minister Penny Mordaunt might also quit – but she’s remaining tight lipped.

While, Michael Gove says he won’t be resigning as Environment Secretary – and insists he has full confidence in the Prime Minister.

As talk of re-negotiating the draft Brexit deal builds among Conservative politicians in the UK, Clare’s Senator says he doesn’t believe there’s much room to do that.

Martin Conway doesn’t believe there’s a natural leader emerging from the Brexiteers to challenge Theresa May and he believes that if she manages to face down her critics in a vote of no confidence, her position will be strengthened.

Clare’s Fianna Fáil TD believes it’s too early to predict whether a general election is on the horizon in the UK.

Deputy Timmy Dooley says the outspoken are currently dominating debate, but he believes it’s the views of the moderates that could win out over the coming weeks.