Man Goes On Trial For Limerick Murder

Photo © Clare FM

A man has gone on trial accused of murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in Limerick in an alleged turf war.

Alan McNamara from Mountfune in Murroe, Co. Limerick is alleged to have shot him Andrew O’Donoghue outside his clubhouse two years ago.

In his opening address, prosecuting barrister Michael Delaney said the killing of Andrew O’Donoghue was linked to some sort of territorial dispute between rival motorcycle clubs.


Alan McNamara used to be a member of the Road Tramps but later joined the Caballeros, which was originally based in Tipperary but had moved to Limerick city.

The day before the shooting in June 2015, the court heard Mr. McNamara had gone to a pub in Doon, a village in Co. Limerick considered to be Road Tramps territory.

When he left, he was set upon by three men who forcibly removed his jacket – which contained the colours of his new club.

The prosecution claims Mr. McNamara went to the Road Tramps clubhouse the following day and shot Mr. O’Donoghue in the face at point blank range as he tried to close the gates.

His stepson Robert Cusack is accused of hiding the sawn-off shotgun used to kill him.