Latest Figures Show 70 Registered As Homeless In Clare

70 people in Clare are facing the prospect of being homeless this Christmas.

That’s despite new figures from the Department of Housing reveal the number of people without a home here has dropped by more than ten percent since this time last year.

The number of people considered homeless in Clare has remained the same over the past month.


There has, however, been a slight drop in the number of families in the Midwest region looking for a home – it’s now 34, compared to 39 in October. 25 of these are single parent families.

Clare County Council’s management report, which registers 67 people as being without a home here, states that 16 people are staying in Westbrook House in Ennis, with a further 25 spread between Laurel Lodge and Ashford, also located in the town.

The other 26 people are staying in alternative emergency accommodation throughout Clare.

Eight counties now have more people without a home than Clare, including the major cities of Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.