Lack Of Planning To Blame For ED Waiting Times For Elderly People Says Lahinch GP

A north Clare doctor claims a lack of planning has resulted in elderly people bearing the brunt of the crisis within the health sector.

It follows a report from the Irish Medical Journal which found that patients aged 80 and over wait twice as long for admission at Beaumont Hospital than those aged under 20.

The analysis is based on a ten year study of records and the Health Minister is now being called on the clarify whether this is common practise across all of the country’s hospitals or confined to the Dublin hospital alone.


Lahinch GP and IMO member, Dr Michael Kelleher says increased investment is needed to meet the needs of the country’s aging population and he’s concerned that recommendations by the Future of Healthcare Committee won’t be acted on.

You can listen back to the interview with Dr Kelleher on Morning Focus in full below: