Juncker Advisor Says Coveney’s Borderless Ireland Is ‘Too Complicated’

An adviser to Jean Claude Juncker has poured cold water on the Foreign Affairs Minister’s proposals to have no border between Ireland and the North.

Simon Coveney suggested last week that it might be possible for the North to maintain a relationship with the customs union, to allow for the free movement of trade.

Details of the UK Government’s plan for Europeans living in the UK after Brexit will be published later.


Last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney outlined his vision for a borderless Ireland, if the UK does leave the Customs Union, as planned.

It would mean that the North would have links to the customs union, while the UK would be outside it.
But Catherine Day, special adviser to Commission President Jean Claude Juncker says it would be too complicated.

Ms Day, who spent 10 years as Secretary General to the EU Commission, says Britain is deluded if it thinks it won’t have to make compromises.

Speaking at a Brexit seminar at the Institute of International and European Affaris, she says the Commission also has its work cut out.

Theresa May’s to give further details about the British government’s position on rights for EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit.

Axel Antoni’s a spokesperson for ‘3 million’ – a group representing EU citizens there, says the proposals so far have been too vague.