Aer Lingus Worker Accused Of Human Trafficking Granted Legal Aid

Photo (c) Pixabay

A judge has overturned a decision to refuse legal aid to an Aer Lingus worker accused of facilitating human trafficking through Dublin airport.

Frederick Cham, a Chinese man who was living in Celbridge, Co. Kildare at the time, has been in custody since his arrest in January.

Frederick Cham is accused of helping illegal immigrants enter the country on two occasions in January in return for €34,000.


An Irish man is facing the same charge while another Chinese national called Xing Wang was arrested on suspicion of having a false passport at Dublin Airport as well as failing to produce an ID and of not presenting himself to an immigration officer on arrival.

Mr. Cham was refused legal aid at district court level and Gardaí objected to a renewed application before the Circuit Court.

They claim he hasn’t fully disclosed his assets and made reference to two specific accounts in the UK and Hong Kong.

Judge Karen O’Connor raised concerns about the lack of detail provided but said she was also aware he was facing very serious charges and a trial that could take up to two weeks.

She said legal representation was therefore desirable and granted legal aid.

Mr. Cham’s case will be mentioned again in October.