Jet With Smoke On Board Diverts To Shannon Airport

File Photo

A transatlantic flight has diverted to Shannon Airport this afternoon after the crew reported smoke on board.

The British Airways flight was en route from London to Boston in the US at the time.

Clare FM’s Fiona Cahill reports:


British Airways flight BA-213 was about an hour into its journey when the crew reported that smoke had been detected on board and requested permission to divert to Shannon.

There were 239 passengers and crew on board.

The flight landed safely shortly before 2 o’clock and was met on the runway by airport fire and rescue crews who carried out a visual inspection for evidence of fire or smoke.

Once it had been confirmed there was no obvious sign of fire, the jet continued to the terminal building where engineers were on stand by to investigate the issue.

The airline has apologised to customers for the delay to their journey and has arranged a replacement aircraft to fly to Shannon to take them onto Boston.