Jet Circled Over Atlantic For Four Hours Before Diverting To Shannon

Image (c) Pat Flynn

A transatlantic cargo flight diverted to Shannon Airport early this morning after circling off the Irish coast for over four hours.

United Parcel Service flight UPS-232 was travelling from East Midlands airport in the UK to Philadelphia at the time.

The Boeing 767-340(ER) was west of Mayo at 4.45am when the crew informed air traffic controllers that had an issue with their aircraft. The pilot requested clearance to divert to Shannon but informed controllers that they would have to enter a holding pattern for several hours first.


The flight routed south to a location 200 west of Shannon Airport where the crew entered a holding pattern.

The aircraft remained in the pattern for over four hours before the crew commenced their approach to Shannon. It’s understood the crew opted to hold for that long to allow them burn off aviation so they could touch down within safe landing weight limits.

The crew did not declare an emergency and the did not request any assistance on landing.

The flight landed safely at 9.30am and taxied to the terminal building. The flight is expected to resume its journey on Friday morning.