Irish Water Says Heavy Rainfall To Blame For Kilkee Bathing Restriction

Irish Water says a bathing restriction in Kilkee is now no longer linked with a fault at the town’s wastewater pumping station, but instead has been caused by heavy rainfall.

A notice was first put in place last Wednesday after a discharge of raw sewage into a stream followed a power cut at the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

A do not swim notice remains in place, but Irish Water says issues at the station have been resolved, and that the current notice is a new one that resulted from heavy rainfall.


Last evening, Clare County Council also cited heavy rains as the reason for a swimming ban at Kilkee, when it said there is a possibility of elevated levels of bacteria in the water.

Local businesses fear the issues could do long-term damage to Kilkee, and Clare Fine Gael TD Pat Breen agrees it’s frustrating: