Time To “Forensically Examine” HAP Scheme – Flynn

Photo (c) Pixabay

The Chair of Clare’s Housing Committee says it’s time to “forensically examine” the Housing Assistance Payment scheme.

It comes as figures released by the Housing Minister have shown that almost a fifth of all HAP recipients in Clare are availing of a discretionary top-up payment, suggesting it doesn’t go far enough.


The Housing Assistance Payment is a form of social housing support for people who have a long-term housing need.

It’s been in existence for just two years now, replacing the previous rent supplement, but already, it appears the limits under the scheme are problematic.

Figures released by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy show that nearly a fifth of HAP tenants in Clare are receiving discretionary top-ups to help them pay their rent.

That’s more than the national average and it’s led housing charity Threshold to call for an overhaul of the system.

Its Western Region Manager is Karina Timothy.

Chair of Clare’s Housing Committee, Independent Shannon Councillor Gerry Flynn agrees.

He’s concerned that HAP tenants just across the border in Limerick are in a different band to those in Clare, meaning they don’t need to access top-up payments.

And though he doesn’t want to see HAP scrapped in its entirety, Cllr Flynn says it’s time to look at where it’s at.