Property Prices Almost Double In Clare In Past Year

Picture © Pixabay

The average price paid for a property in Clare has almost doubled in the past year.

The latest figures from Central Statistics Office show that the mean price paid for a residence in the Banner in September was €220,251.



The Residential Property Price Index shows that the average house price in the MidWest increased by 13% when compared to the this time last year.

However, Clare has recorded an astronomical increase in property prices within the same period.

In September of 2020, the mean price paid for a residence in Clare was €136,064.

This increased by 47% to €220,251 this September.

However, this figure includes the cheapest and most expensive properties sold in the county and may not give as clear a reflection of the actual change in prices.

Looking at the median – or the middle point of actual prices paid for properties in Clare – it was 145,500 in September 2020 and came in at 190,000 this September – still a large increase of nearly 27%.

This is indicative of the pandemic’s influence on the numbers relocating to the county, coupled with the shortage in housing supply.

Nationally, prices increased by 12.4% on the same time last year.