New Dwelling Completions In Clare 50% Above Pre-Pandemic Levels Last Year

Photo (c) Pixabay

New dwelling completions in Clare were 50 percent above pre-pandemic levels last year.

574 houses were finished across the county in 2022, the highest number for more than a decade.



Figures released by the Central Statistics Office show a marked spike in house completions across Clare in 2022.


The 574 homes built is a near 40 percent jump in 2021 levels, is more than double the number completed five years ago and is more than quadruple the figure documented ten years ago.

225 houses were finished in the Ennis electoral area last year according to the CSO, with North Clare seeing 99 homes completed.

East Clare saw a further 97 dwellings finished, with 81 new homes built in West Clare, and a further 72 in the Shannon region.

It means the CSO has recorded 2,886 homes built in Clare since 2012.

One in five of those were built in 2022 alone.

The Shannon electoral area was in the bottom 20 percent of regions in the country in terms of numbers of homes built last year, with Ennis being in the top 25 percent.