Five Year Ban From Housing List Described As “Distraction”

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Midwest Simon has described a five year ban from social housing lists as a distraction, saying the focus should remain on the provision of housing for those in need of accommodation.

It comes as new rules, which will see people who turn down two offers of social housing from the local authority suspended from this list, are due to come into force shortly.


Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has told the Dáil that in the near future, new rules regarding social housing waiting lists will come into force, rules that he believes are “ultimately fair”.

It would mean that anyone who turns down two offers of social housing from their local authority will be suspended from the waiting list for five years, rather than the current 12 months.

It’s led to anger in some quarters, with Clare Sinn Féin representative Violet-Anne Wynne saying the Minister is trying to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes.

She says families are being offered homes that are wholly unsuitable to their needs and they have no option but to say no.

Midwest Simon has described the ban as a distraction.

General Manager Jackie Bonfield says the numbers turning down social housing are relatively low and that the Council itself has the capacity to resolve issues surrounding the matter.

She says the Government should keep it’s focus on the provision of housing.