Council Intends To “Ramp Up” Inspections Of Private Rental Properties

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Clare County council says it intends to ramp up inspections of private rental accomodation.

It follows criticism from Clare’s Independent TD, Michael McNamara who claims the number of local authority inspections last year was inadequate, though he’s admitted that Clare isn’t in a bad position when compared to other counties.

842 inspections were carried out by the local aurthority on private rented properties during 2019, however that number dropped to 288 last year.


The local authority says an online platform for undertaking inspections of private rented properties was rolled out in late 2021 and that the Council used this to engage with landlords and tenants of private rented properties.

Chair of Clare County Council’s housing commmittee, Shannon Independent Councillor Gerry Flynn says it’s been a difficult year.