Chair Of Clare Pyrite Action Group Hits Out At Local Councillors Claiming Lack Of Support In Fight For Redress

The Chair of the Clare Pyrite Action Group has hit out at this county’s councillors, claiming there’s a lack of support for homeowners’ cause.

It comes as Pyrite and Mica Action groups have indicated their intention to start a political party.

The defective blocks bill for families impacted by Pyrite and Mica is one of the bills going through the Dáil tonight, with just two hours for amendments and passing stages.


The homeowners affected by the crumbling block scandal say they’re being ingored by politicians and won’t stand over the current redress scheme being put forward by government.


Crusheen resident and founder of the Clare Pyrite Action Group, Dr. Martina Cleary, says her home hasn’t been visited by local representatives in two years.

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