Calls For Prompt Response From Department As ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ Of Pyrite Found In Clare

Photo (c) Martina Cleary

The Chair of Clare’s Pyrite Action Group is calling on the Department of Housing to respond promptly to a new report which includes ‘irrefutable evidence’ of pyrite in the county.

Ballina-based engineer Simon Beale and Associates has concluded its report into pyrite in Clare and in all ten samples tested, evidence of the mineral was discovered.

Ahead of the weekend, members from the county’s Pyrite Action Group met with Clare County Council to be updated on the findings of additional testing requested by the Department in order to further the county’s application to access redress.



Chair of the group, Dr. Martina Cleary, whose home in Crusheen is impacted by pyrite, insists homeowners can’t be left waiting another six months for answers.

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