Hopes That Deal Can Still Be Reached To Break Brexit Deadlock

Hope is being expressed that a deal can still be reached to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations.

The British Prime Minister is expected to tell MP’s a Brexit deal is on the horizon, with important progress made on many key issues.


Theresa May is due to deliver a statement to the British House of Commons today, where she’s expected to set out the progress that has been made so far in the Brexit negotiations.

She’s expected to tell MP’s that an agreement with Brussels is 95% complete, but she’s also expected to vow that she will not allow a border in the Irish Sea.

It comes amid renewed talk of Tory MP’s forcing a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister.

Matthew Parris is a former Conservative MP and Columnist with London Times.

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune has said she is “hopeful” that there will be a deal.

But speaking on Clare FM’s Morning Focus, she agrees that when it comes to the border backstop arrangement, there’s little wiggle room.

The Prime Minister still hasn’t ruled out extending the transition period after Britain’s EU exit, something the Clare Chair of the ICMSA says could actually benefit farmers here.

But Martin McMahon says the consistent uncertainty with the trade deal post-Brexit and the Irish border remains a serious concern for Ireland.

And he says that, while concrete agreements are badly needed, it may only provide short-term benefits.