Homelessness Levels In Clare Fall By 20 Percent In Past Year

Overall homelessness levels in Clare have fallen by more than 20 percent in the past year.

However, the number of child dependents requiring assistance from homeless services in the region continues to rise.

There were 54 people classified as homeless in Clare at the end of November according to the Department of Housing.


While that’s a significant fall in the 70 homeless in this county in the same month of 2020, it’s a slight increase on the 51 people without a home here in October.

300 people overall are accessing homeless services across the Midwest, which the Department considers to be Clare and Limerick.

A total of 41 families are experiencing homelessness in the region – that’s up by five in just a month.

77 of these people regisered by the Department are considered child dependents, which is a rise of more than 25 percent on the previous month alone.

Clare County Council’s Homeless Action Team continues to assist those without a home in emergency accommodation, including in Westbrook, Laurel Lodge and Ashbrook.

113 presentations were made to the team here between November 20th and the 16th of December, which included 24 new presentations.