Homeless Figures Rise In Clare

New figures show a rise in the number of homeless adults in Clare.

34 people were without a home in the county in February, up from 29 the previous month.


The latest figures from the Department of Housing show there were 301 homeless adults in the Midwest in February.

Of those, the vast majority were aged between 25 and 44, and there were more men seeking accommodation than women.

There were 42 families in need of assistance, of those, 31 were single parent families and overall there 85 children without a permanent roof over their head.

They were re-housed in private emergency or temporary supported accommodation such as hostels, hotels, B&Bs and other residential facilities.

In Clare alone there were 34 homeless adults, a rise from 29 in January, which has mirrored the national trend.

The Housing Minister, Simon Coveney, has described the national figures for February as disappointing, but not unexpected, after a small improvement in January.