HSE Midwest Prepared For Any Suspected Cases Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus particles

HSE Midwest is reassuring that its prepared for any suspected cases of the coronavirus.

26 people have died and hundreds have been infected worldwide, and 13 cities in China are now in lockdown.


Officials in China say the death toll in the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 26, with 830 confirmed cases.

13 cities are now in lockdown, with 41 million people affected , as Chinese authorities attempt to contain the deadly virus.

Doug Perez, who’s a teacher in Wuhan, where the virus first took hold, says the city is like a “ghost town”.

Health officials in the North expect to get test results back later on a patient being examined for the deadly virus.

The man entered the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast yesterday after presenting with symptoms of the illness.

But the Health Protection Surveillance Centre says the risk of the coronavirus outbreak coming to Ireland is “moderate to low.”

Director of the HPSC, Dr John Cuddihy says the fact that there are no direct flights from affected areas to Ireland is a positive:

HSE Midwest is reassuring people in this region that it’s prepared for any suspected cases, should they arise here.

Specialist in Public Health Medicine with HSE Midwest, Dr Rose Fitzgerald, outlines how potential cases would be treated.