HIQA Praises Ennis Centre For Allowing Residents To “Seamlessly Integrate” With Local Community

An Ennis disability care centre has been praised by the health watchdog for allowing its residents to seamlessly integrate with the local community.

The Glens on the Clare Road in the county town, which is operated by the Brothers of Charity, has been subject to a HIQA inspection, the report of which has just been published.


On the day of this unannounced inspection on October 9th last, the centre was at full capacity with nine residents in place.

Inspectors spoke with residents both in group and individual settings and found that all nine are extremely content with their accommodation.

For example, some residents had employment and this was clearly very
fulfilling for them.

In other instances residents had volunteer roles and one resident has received awards for volunteering, indicating that their work is well regarded within the community.

All of this, inspectors noted, contributed to a sense of a seamless integration between living in a designated centre and being a part of the local community.

In total, HIQA found The Glens to be compliant in 16 separate areas.