HIQA Finds “Significant Gaps” In Complaints Procedure At Cahercalla Nursing Home

The health watchdog has found “significant gaps” in the complaints procedure at one of Clare’s largest nursing homes.

HIQA inspectors have highlighted two instances of major non-compliance at Cahercalla Community Hospital in Ennis in a report just published.


On the day of the unannounced inspection in May of this year, 101 residents were in situ at Cahercalla Community Hospital.

HIQA inspectors noted that a complaints procedure and policy was in place and circulated to residents; however, it was not implemented in practice.

In one case, a complaint from a family had been received and correct procedure had been followed, though a complaints log was not completed, reviewed and updated and there was no documentation to support any of the actions taken.

In addition, there was no nominated person to deal with complaints on the day of the inspection.

HIQA also criticised the nursing home for its governance, leadership and management with a lack of contracts of care to residents receiving short term or palliative care among the issues there.

In response, management at Cahercalla say that their complaints policy has been revised, with the Board of Directors to be made aware of any complaints on a monthly basis.