Greens, FG, FF Back Programme For Government Deal

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Micheál Martin will be elected as Taoiseach tomorrow, after the members of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party all approved their Programme for Government.

The Green Party was the third and final party to declare their result, with 76% of voting members supporting it. It had required two-thirds support to pass.

Earlier, 77% of Fianna Fáil members backed the deal. An unofficial tally showed that 67.5% of the party’s Clare members had endorsed it.


80% of Fine Gael voters backed the agreement, under the party’s electoral college system.  It received support from 90% of the parliamentary party, 71% of constituency delegates and only 57% of Councillors.

Micheál Martin will be elected as Taoieach in a special Dáil sitting at the Convention Centre in Dublin tomorrow with support from the three parties, and likely a number of Independents also.