Flight Diverted To Shannon After Crew Member Falls Ill

Picture (c) Bottlein via Canva.com

A transatlantic flight diverted to Shannon Airport this morning after a member of the crew was reported to have fallen ill.

Air France flight AF-355 was travelling from Toronto, Canada to Paris in France at the time. The Boeing 777-328(ER) jet was about two hours west of Ireland when the flight crew requested clearance to divert to Shannon and asked that emergency medical services be standing by for their arrival.

It’s understood that a member of the flight’s cabin crew fell ill during the journey.


Airport authorities were advised of the diversion while the National Ambulance Service was also alerted and requested to mobilise resources to the airport.

The flight landed at 7.33am and was met at the terminal building by paramedics. The patient was transported to University Hospital Limerick for treatment.

The flight continued its journey at around 9.15am.

Meanwhile, a British Airways flight from Boston in the US to London’s Heathrow Airport made a non-emergency diversion to Shannon this afternoon.

Flight BA-214 made the technical stop at Shannon as the crew could not continue to its destination without exceeding work hours regulations.

Another British Airways flight, a scheduled service between London Heathrow and Belfast City Airport, diverted to Shannon to drop off a replacement crew for the first British Airways flight.

BA-1412 later continued to Belfast while BA-214 has also resumed its journey to London.