Five Taken To Hospital After Plane Diverts To Shannon

Photo © Pat Flynn

Five people have been taken to hospital after a holiday jet made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport.

The plane was travelling from Germany to Mexico with 337 passengers on board when crew reported smoke in the cockpit.


Condor flight DE-2116 was travelling from Frankfurt, Germany to Cancun in Mexico yesterday evening, and was about two hours west of Ireland, when the crew issued a May-Day radio distress call and made a U-turn.

It’s understood the crew reported they had detected smoke in the cockpit and requested clearance to turn around and divert to Shannon.

On the ground, airport authorities implemented Shannon Airport’s emergency plan which also involved alerting the National Ambulance Service, local authority fire service and An Garda.

The flight landed safely just before quarter past seven and was pursued along the runway by crash crews.

An investigation of the plane was carried out but it’s understood that no evidence of fire was found.

Five people, including four cabin crew members and a passenger who were reported to be suffering from smoke inhalation, were taken to University Hospital Limerick for treatment, while remaining passengers were taken to local hotels.

The flight is expected to resume this morning.