Fifth Boy Brought To Safety In Thaliand

Photo © Clare FM

A fifth boy has been brought out of a flooded cave system in Thailand – after the rescue mission resumed this morning

It was postponed overnight because of heavy rain – divers also needed to replace their equipment.

Seven young footballers and their coach now remain trapped, and the bid to rescue them has been described as a race against time.



The eyes of the world have been on Thailand over the past number of days as a rescue mission got underway to free a group of young footballers and their coach.

Four boys are being treated in hospital after yesterday being freed from the cave complex they’ve been trapped in for the last fortnight.

The huge international rescue operation was suspended overnight to allow teams to replace vital equipment, and the next phase resumed this morning.

Seven young footballers and their coach now remain trapped after a fifth boy was rescued today.

The mission is continuing, and it’s head has given this update.

The highly skilled UK rescue team assisting in the operation have also worked on Irish rescues, including here in Clare.

Ennis-based expert Caver, Brian Mac Coitir, who has significant experience overseas believes it’s a miracle the group was found in the first place and he says the clock is counting down on getting the remainder out safely.